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A Real Alternative
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Monday, November 13th, 2006
2:48 pm
Holiday Amnesty Invitation!
Letting everyone know that I'm hosting an Amnesty International Write-A-Thon in my ladycatherina journal, and you're all invited!

The Write-A-Thon is a free event where we write letters to governments on behalf of nonviolent political prisoners around the world, beginning November 28th and continuing through December 10th, International Human Rights Day. Around the 28th a list of actions will be available on the Amnesty webpage (http://www.amnestyusa.org), and I'll download them and post the addresses and information in my journal. Whoever's interested can let me know via comments and we can split the actions up as we go.

I did this last year with a friend and got through the entire list of appeals, Holiday Card actions, etc. To make it more fun, we can all take breaks where we post jokes, stories, recipes, etc as comments to the Writeathon post.
Monday, October 2nd, 2006
5:06 pm
Uganda's Calling
Answer the call.

Sorry if this is not allowed in the community, I can remove it if asked - but I thought some of you might be interested in this new community.

I'm a board member of ugandacalling, and we exist to raise awareness of and work for the end of the civil war in Northern Uganda, which has victimized many innocent civilians, particularly children, and left many homeless and desperately poor. We're trying to provide resources for local groups working on this issue - collecting petitions for groups to circulate, providing ideas for fundraisers for worthy projects, posting news articles and bulletins about Uganda, and letting activists and interested people get together to learn more and network with each other. And we still need lots of people to help us carry on all these functions and get us off the ground as a nonprofit - as well as community leaders who'd like to start something for Uganda!

If you're interested in learning more or helping out, please check out the community - everyone's very nice and positive, we'd love to see you!
Saturday, July 22nd, 2006
6:15 am
Hi everyone

First post of a main topic here. Just wanted to let everyone know about our completely FREE projects and websites - we run the control-free network (http://www.controlfree.net - a network of sites) and we are spreading the word around.

The control-free network is a resource with free information in text, audio and video files, as well as links to a collective and other helpful websites.

The files not linked to from the website can be downloaded from us for free on SoulSeek (download this great file-sharing program for FREE at http://www.slsknet.org) - and to do this, just add our username, freeinfo.

All of the items we share are free and we take careful precautions not to share copyrighted material, as the fucking feds are always watching our shit (and your shit).

Also, this has been crossposted a bit.

So take care, check us out if you get a chance,
Peace, solidarity
-mc nf1
Wednesday, July 12th, 2006
11:54 am
-Good evening, sirs. May I enter?
- Oh, come in, sit among them by the fireplacre
-Oh, what a nice change over the frosty windy night outside!
May you move your armchair aside for a bit, please?
Oh, thanks, so could i sit down?
Oh, that would be just great to get a bit of Porto to warm me up after this storm outside.
- Your porto is just excellent one! Oh, it’is from the Tajo valley, is it? It must be rather expensive one then...
Not very, you say? And how much?150 pounds only? ... My monthly salary... but it’s nice indeed...
That’s just my fantasy on some stranger entering your circle. Actually I wonder if you’d offer him any Porto - especially if it were limited.
Yours is such a «highbrows»’ society, so authentic because of your own self-confidence and well-being... And self-charmed by all those inflated words about Changes, alternatives and so on...
I got understanding suiside-bombers’ of low level motives now....
Go on casting the spells, may be that would help....
Oh you reallu do believe that the Real Alternative is vegetarianizm? Good luck then.
Sunday, July 9th, 2006
4:56 pm
Well, the start looked very promising.... But now I'm getting wondering if any of this msagnigicant great words would get anything more than just energy wasting for computering these words. Is it really worth it?
9:08 am
Those who are keen in REaL ALTERNATIVE indeed would read thie folloing
...Collapse )
if you get interexsted -it's up to you, you'd contact
Saturday, May 27th, 2006
5:00 pm
veridian pontif speaks!
i just found this link thot u might enjoy (srry4xpost). killer for podcast/mashups. Sir Bruce Sterling, Viridian pope emperor, Austin resident, and crystal-clear prognosticator of things atmospheric, politik and blobjectic, gave a commencement speech, of sorts, at this past south by southwest jamboree. So, without further ado, here's Bruce Stirling's State of the World 2006 SXSW Lecture! Good headfood...
Thursday, January 19th, 2006
5:34 pm
ReGrowing the RainForests
meet my bud Ranil. He proves that nothing is impossible!
I've been meaning to write about this for some time now... and today i guess is the day! And one of the reasons that i decided today is the day is because everyone needs some good news now and then... So sit back and enjoy. And if you only take one thing from this tale, please know that nothing is finite. People will try to make you feel bad and helpless, and say stuff like "once the Rainforest has been cut down it can never grow back!" And the point is, that is just plain not true. Over the past decade or so, Ranil, um, Dr. Ranil Senenayake has been re-growing rainforests. He, and his army of forest gardeners have been proving just how resilient our planet is. And the positivity is infectious!
Ok the ¿HOW? first:
What they do (Analog Forest gardeners) is go to a place where a rainforest once was (and of course cleared for burgers, car paneling, or guitars...). They find out from the signs there (pollen...) what the trees were that were living there before the devastation. And they get baby trees, the same as were there or analogous to those, and replant those trees. Of course the baby trees, in a rainforest have a shady setting in which to grow, so what the forest gardeners do is plant shade producing crops around the trees (like tomatoes, yerba, yucca, and other things to eat). And i tell you, it's magic! Within a few years they can no longer grow the vegetables because the trees are already tall and even producing things (cinnamon, nuts, avocados...). At this point the forest gardeners have ample produce to gather and actually earn a decent wage. Beyond that what the trees bring, somehow, is the rest of the forest; I don't know how, but they bring back the flowers, medicinal herbs, clingy vines, birds... i swear you look at a 15-20 year old analog forest and you will be shocked that it was once a clearcut!
Additional !Wow! Factor:
So, here's Ranil's story: When he was growing up in Sri Lanka, Ranil got a job as a lizard-catcher. Obviously, with some time to enjoy and appreciate nature, he started to tinker on his analog systems where the tea plantations had abandoned lands they previously sucked the life out of with Monoculture and NPK. He got really excited when he saw the results and tried to alert the authorities that there was a way to bring the Rainforests back to life. But no one in the government would believe a lizard catcher. so Ranil, see he's cool enough not to be deterred, ended up getting accepted to UC Berkeley, and in the late 60's at the Haight of radicalism, Ranil received his PhD in Systems Ecology. He returned to Sri Lanka where all of the sudden everyone wanted to know how they could revive their rainforests.
Now, a few decades later, Dr. S has spread his system to Brazil, Costa Rica, the Philliipines, Canada, and many other places around the globe. you can join in the fun! In Sri Lanka you can stay at a hotel in the middle of a revived analog Rainforst, you can take take courses in the North to then implement elsewhere, and you can support companies that not only work spreading the good news of Dr S, but also sell products from the Forest Gardeners.. Learn more about it from this awesome primer Ranil helped write, and of course, if Sri Lanka is too far, you can always check out the new forests in costa rica!
Wednesday, November 23rd, 2005
12:16 pm
...the good news! (xpost)
ok, so it does look like we will see a climate flip flop in our own lifetime. That is pretty heavy an idea... but i just wanted to state for the record that this may be the best thing to ever happen to us and-- should we choose to accept the mission-- it may be something that one day in the future will be considered as the beginning ...HUGE!

Why the optimism? Well, in my own personal theosophy, there just wouldn't be so many amazing technical advances and greening of culture, if we weren't going to make it (ok i'll go back into the corner with my violin in a few seconds), that would just be too much of a cosmic waste... but for those that chose a more 'scientific' approach, lets say it's because climate change (esp. climate flips) is directly linked to human evolution. So, the way I see it, the closer we get to the flip flop the closer we are to evolving.

about 10 years ago, i got a copy of this book bookabout this link (between Cch & Evo), and was sooo fired up about it that i trekked across the country to meet the guy who wrote it. Professor WIlliam Calvin. We chatted for hours at length about this evolution... he wasn't so sure we'll make it saying that it usually takes a species 50 years minimum to adapt, but me ever the teary-eyed optimist kept pushing.... eventually we got to the bottom line, that this time around it's not our posture that will change, or a new tail, but our societal structures that will evolve if we are not to do the other thing that happens when a climate flips (those who don't evolve eventually end up in museums collecting dust). It's our food manufacturing & delivery systems, our shelter systems and of course our energy production (among others... I pray that we will lose roads as well).... My homespun interpretation also adds that we will have a huge shift in perception finally seeing the whole before assuming we know or are all that special...

But when i look at how fast things are changing, I get giddy thinking that yes! this is going to happen! to us! what an amazing time to be alive!! Lateley there has been more talk about this evolution link and no longer from the hallowed halls of academia but even from the mainstreamers... I mean how much proof do we need?

we can have it! the organic food-growing agribots, the regrowing of rainforests (no, they don't have to disappear), and all the other goodies that a highly evolved species has to play with. That is our future and no one can tell me otherwise.

11:49 am
hitting strides with the mainstreammedia.....
GreenRoofs and green living getting more and more mainstream press
I've said it before and I'll say it again; when it starts hitting the mainstream media, two things become certainties. One, that something's changing in people's general perception; environmentalists are no longer wackos, and every person feels a kinship with this home-planet. The other certainty is that no matter what, this will snowball.

I've heard journalists say that they keep stories they'd love to report on, and wait for something big to happen so they can cram them out, watershed stylee. In the case of eco-technologies, they wait for a peak oil or a $4 Gallon and then BLAM! they can put out their pet stories about efficiencies or wacky inventors and their zero pollution cars. The other natural part of the MSM ecosystem is mimesis. When a few articles get written in some slightly avant magazines, publishers and editors can be heard the world over barking their need for a solar story or some back-to-the-earth reportage in a manner not unlike Jameson calling out for a photo of Spideyman.... As if they just invented the scoop(!)

So I am inspired to mention this phenom, yet again, because of a convergence of three events this morning; two were posts in The Treehugger. One, a roundup of several MSM magazines that are all now touting green, and then the other a mention of Treehugger showed up in Business Week ((BTW Way to go TH!!)). So those two obviously made me happy, and confirmed what i was already saying....

Then walking down the street I saw something out of the corner of my eye, something I usually ignore. Dose. For those of you that aren't fortunate enough to live in a city Dose decided was target-market enough, this is a daily rag, almost a newspaper (but free an dall of 16 pages-- tabloid style) it usually has some news lots of entertainment and a sex column. It's geared towards the 20-somethings so there may sometimes be a little bit of counter-culture.. but it is produced by CanWest a huge megaNewsCorp with a right of center (hidden) mandate.

That's why I was shocked, bemused and delighted to see a rooftop garden on the cover today. The bi-line was "how a rooftop revolution could change life in our cities." Yay! Even the right-wingers are getting on the bandwagon! Welcome! Not only is it the main story of the day, but on every page (whether about green roofs or not) there are cute headlines with green roof factoids. Like how much sound is reduced after greening your roof....

Just put a big smile on my face and made me hopeful hat we are now entering a stage of perception shifting. Woooooo Hoooo Hoooo!
Thursday, June 9th, 2005
11:52 pm
EVENT - BikeFest, London
Sun 12 Jun 1-5pm

Trafalgar Square
Bike check ups, advice, etc

part of Bike Week http://www.bikeweek.org.uk
11:47 pm
EVENT - Camberwell Arts Festival, London

Sat June 11 12pm-9pm (12-21:00)
outdoor celebration of arts and music, performances, arts worksops, pot throwing, carving, batik, mosaics.
11:43 pm
TALK - Black Boys and School Excursions, London
info: +44 (0) 20 8521 5388
The Epicentre, West St E11
Sat June 11 - 7.30pm/19.30h
Talk promoting fellowship in East London at the News From Nowhere Club, by Edu Arts and the Communities Empowerment Network
11:36 pm
EVENT - World Naked Bike, London
Sat June 11 2005

World Naked Bike (& Skate)
3pm at Constitution Arch, Hyde Park Corner
5:54 pm
Hello and welcome to A Real Alternative, a community for individuals conscious of a need for change to contribute to discussion, learn and teach each other.

My name is Elizabeth. I have started this community because as far as I can see, no sensible network of these ideological outsiders exists, and that's a crying shame.

We need to start talking to each other. Properly.

What is the way forward? Where the hell are we? What can we do about it?

The thing they have on their side is organisation and media, and we need to get our shit together people.

So post anything you consider relevant to the interests list.
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